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Tray Icons

ToDesktop allows you to upload a single tray icon for use across all platforms. Alternatively, you can upload separate icons for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These icons will display in the tray of the operating system that's running your application.

Before uploading your icon, there are general guidelines to know around icon dimensions and design considerations across platforms. Adhering to these guidelines will make your app feel more native to the target platform.

Icon Sizes

Each operating system recommends a different icon size:

Operating System Size
macOS 44x44 pixels
Windows 32x32 pixels
Linux 24x24 pixels

You can choose to upload multiple icons by checking the checkbox for using separate icons.

Options for uploading multiple icons

When uploading an icon, ToDesktop will accept the .png format, and convert it to the relevant format depending on the operating system (.icns for Mac, .ico for Windows, .png for Linux). ToDesktop will also resize the icons, but it's better to provide icons with the correct dimensions or higher to avoid pixelation. If uploading a single icon, it's thus best to provide a 44x44 png file.

Mac Considerations

MacOS tray icons can be adjusted according to a user's theme. This option is made available via the "Adjust icon color with light/dark mode" checkbox.

Options for adjusting the icon color in light/dark mode

For this to work correctly, however, you must supply a transparent .png file that consists of a black and an alpha channel only. This will allow mac devices to automatically adjust your tray icon to be black when on normal theme, and white when on dark theme.