Convert your Web App to a Desktop App in 2 Minutes.


Your Icon on the Desktop

With ToDesktop your users can install your web app to their computer and launch it from the same place as other desktop apps on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Increase Active Users “Users who download our desktop app are more active than our existing users and we've reduced our churn rate as a result.”

    Michael Fitzgerald
    Co-Founder of Interplay
  • Less Cluttered “Dropping the URL bar makes our UI look much cleaner and less cluttered. It makes it easier for our customers to keep the app open all day and not get lost in a sea of tabs.”

    Joe Lennon
    CTO of Workvivo
  • Native Look and Feel “Having that ‘installed’, native feel is important to our users. It gives them confidence that our app is solid.”

    Ryan O'Neill
    CEO of LegitFit
  • Save Time & Money “I was going to build and code a desktop app manually (using Electron). ToDesktop has just saved me a ton of time!

    Owen O'Doherty
    CEO of Carefolk

Just Works… Everywhere!

ToDesktop builds your app for every operating system. You will get a customized installer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We go even further and sign your desktop app with EV Microsoft Authenticode and Apple Gatekeeper certificates. This is super-important because it means that your app will download and install seamlessly without triggering any warning dialogs.

Customer Story

Interplay's customers wanted a desktop app. Michael and his team delivered in one day with ToDesktop.

“I entered the details and uploaded our icon. ToDesktop gave me an installable app for Mac and Windows instantly. We rolled the desktop version of Interplay out to our beta customers the next day.” Michael Fitzgerald
Co-founder of Interplay.

Michael has delivered a desktop app faster than he could have ever hoped. Now his team can focus on their web app and not worry about the ongoing effort of maintaining a desktop app.

Completely Customizable

ToDesktop will detect your icon and colours when you give it your web app's URL. Don't worry you can edit them if we don't get it right.

You can edit your app's icon and the window frame UI.

The best part is that you can see exactly what your desktop app will look like before you click the build button.

$49 per month

With auto-updates included.
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How does ToDesktop work from a technical point of view?

It can help to think of ToDesktop as a custom web browser dedicated to your web app or website. It shows a live version of your site or web app at all times, just like a web browser. There is no toolbar or address bar or refresh buttons but it behaves and functions just like a web browser. This means you don't need to do anything to your existing site, it will just work — If your site works in Google Chrome then it is compatible with ToDesktop.

ToDesktop is built on a technology called Electron, but no Electron experience or even coding experience is required to create a desktop app with ToDesktop. Rest assured, the underlying "browser" engine is updated regularly through auto-updates, so the desktop version of your app will always have the latest web features available.

What if I need to update the icon or URL in the future for my app?

This is actually quite nifty. When you start your subscription we will email you a link to edit your app at any time. If you make an edit like changing your app icon then we push out the edit to all of your users via auto-update.

What version of Electron/Chromium is used by ToDesktop, how often does it get updated?

ToDesktop is currently based on Chromium 69 and Electron 4.1.2. When Electron releases a new version you can expect us to update in a timely manner once we have finished testing (a few weeks, usually). Security fixes are prioritized and we endeavour to release them as quickly as possible. All updates are pushed out to all of your users over auto-update.

Can I try ToDesktop without buying?

Yes. There is a 14 day trial when you sign up. Just cancel (it takes two clicks) within 14 days of sign-up and your credit card will never be charged.

I want to use ToDesktop to convert multiple web apps, is there a bulk discount available?

Yes, let us know your needs. Send us an email at

Do you collect or store data about my customers?

No. An app built with ToDesktop will contact the ToDesktop servers to check for an update on application startup. However, no user data is collected or stored.

How do I add custom HTML/CSS/Javascript to my desktop app?

We do two things to help you identify that your site or web app is running as a desktop app. Firstly, we put a todesktop class on the html element of all pages. So if you wanted to change the colour of your sidebar when running as a desktop app then you could do something like this:

html.todesktop .sidebar {
  background: blue;

Secondly, we add a todesktop variable to javascript window object. This means that you could do something like this:

if (window.todesktop) {
  alert('You are running your web app as a desktop app');

If you want to import a javascript module to your desktop app only then we could take advantage of javascript modules and do something like this:

<script type="module">
  if (window.todesktop) {

Further to this, we can also find out some other information about our desktop app:

if (window.todesktop) {
  // ^ Same as os.platform() in node: e.g. 'win32'

  // ^ Same as os.release() in node: e.g.. '16.7.0'

  // ^ The current version of ToDesktop: e.g.. '1.0'

What kind of support do you offer?

ToDesktop offers email and chat support for the duration of your subscription. We will get back to you in three working days via email but we endeavour to be much quicker and most queries are dealt with the same day or the next day. You can email us at If you need a priority support arrangement then send us an email and we'll try and arrange something that works for you.

How do updates work?

Everytime that an app built with ToDesktop is launched then it will contact the ToDesktop update server to see if there is a newer version available. If there is a newer version available then it will be installed automatically and the user will be notified that the new version will be run the next time that the app is opened.

Auto-updates are published on two occasions:

  1. An app detail (name, icon, default window dimensions) is changed.
  2. Electron or the ToDesktop standard library is updated