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ToDesktop FS

Securely interact with the file system.


Install @todesktop/client-fs in your client-side application using

        npm install @todesktop/client-fs


Installation of the plugin package is also necessary. Using ToDesktop Builder, navigate to Plugins. Click on the Explore button for "File System" and install the package.


For security considerations, usage of this plugin is restricted in the following ways:

  • Paths accessed by this library must begin with one of our whitelisted directories:

    • userData: Directory for storing your app's configuration files.
    • appData: Per-user application data directory.
    • desktop: The current user's Desktop directory.
    • documents: Directory for a user's 'My Documents'.
    • downloads: Directory for a user's downloads.
    • music: Directory for a user's music.
    • pictures: Directory for a user's pictures.
    • videos: Reads the entire contents of a file.
    • recent: Directory for the user's recent files.
    • temp: Temporary directory.
  • FS functionality is enabled on a function-by-function basis via the ToDesktop Builder interface. This means that you can expose the readFile functionality to your client app, but prohibit writeFile.



Reads the entire contents of a file.

        import < readFile > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

const fileContents = await readFile("temp", "file/path");



Writes data to a file, replacing the file if it already exists.

        import < writeFile > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

await writeFile("temp", "file/path", "File Contents");



Append data to a file, creating the file if it does not exist.

        import < appendFile > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

await appendFile("temp", "file/path", "File Contents");



Copy a file from a source path to a destination path.

        import < copyFile > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

await copyFile(
  < dirName: "temp", path: "src/path" >,
  < dirName: "temp", path: "dest/path" >



Read a directory.

        import < readdir > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

const fileList = await readdir("temp", "file/path");



Create a directory.

        import < mkdir > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

await mkdir("temp", "file/path");



Change the name or location of a file or directory.

        import < rename > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

await rename(
  < dirName: "temp", path: "old/path" >,
  < dirName: "temp", path: "new/path" >



Remove a file or directory.

        import < rm > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

await rm("temp", "file/path");



Get file status.

        import < stat > from "@todesktop/client-fs";

const stats = await stat("temp", "file/path");