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An all-in-one platform for building Electron apps

  • Secure cloud-based code-signing

  • Native installers for Windows, Mac and Linux

  • CDN-Backed download links for fast distribution

  • Zero-configuration, rock-solid auto-updates

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Trusted by the world’s most productive Electron teams.

“The ToDesktop team are fantastic and have helped us take our Electron infrastructure to the next level.“

Headshot photo of Tim Su
Tim Su - CTO Tandem

“ToDesktop saved our ass multiple times already. It's a joy to be able to update our app much faster than before.”

Headshot photo of Pierre Renaudin
Pierre Renaudin - CTO Slite

“ToDesktop saved us a ton of time. Why would we want to build our own Electron infrastructure when we should be focusing on our app instead.”

Headshot photo of Eric Migicovsky
Eric Migicovsky - Partner Y Combinator, Founder Beeper

You write the application.
We do the infrastructure.

You wouldn't build your own analytics or hosting platform. So why would you build your own desktop infrastructure?

ToDesktop Before
Build and Release

Build, test and release faster. Eliminate developer frustration.

  • Build on Mac, Windows and Linux machines

  • We smoke test each build by opening it on every OS


  • We run a suite of build validation checks


  • Confidently release builds via our web UI or the command line


Reliable, effortless auto-updates

  • Don’t waste developer time maintaining your own auto-update server

  • Auto-update your app in two lines of code with @todesktop/runtime

  • Comprehensive API that supports more complicated update scenarios if you want it

Native Installers

Native installers for Windows, Mac and Linux

  • CDN-backed downloads and auto-updates

  • Hook up our CDN to your own domain name

  • Universal download link that auto-detects the platform to serve to your customers

  • Support for a wide range of native installers

Code Signing

Signed, notarized and ready for distribution

  • Interactive walkthrough for buying and using certs

  • Certs stored securely on our FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Hardware Security Module

  • Support for EV certs on Windows, providing instant reputation

  • Support for notarization and code signing certs on Mac

  • Receive notifications of cert expiry dates

Customer Story

Sunsama wanted confidence in their build and release process.

"It's a major relief to know that updates can be rolled out with a single terminal command and autoupdates will always work (with proper code signing)."
Travis Meyer — Sunsama Co-Founder Travis Meyer
Co-Founder of Sunsama .
Sunsama icon

With no extra work, Travis has delivered a customer-ready desktop app faster than he could have ever hoped. Now his team can focus on their application code and not worry about the ongoing effort of maintaining desktop app infrastructure.

A ToDesktop customer's app screenshot

Choose a plan that fits your needs


For simple desktop apps and solo developers.

$100 /month

Key Features
  • 35 builds/month
  • 30 day build retention
  • 5,000 downloads/month
  • Windows, Mac & Linux build servers
  • Code signing
  • Auto updates
  • Native app installers
  • Native module rebuilding
  • Build validation checks
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  • CDN-backed downloads/updates
  • Download links on your domain
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Most popular


For sophisticated desktop apps and small teams.

$300 /month

Everything in Essential Plus
  • 120 builds/month
  • 60 day build retention
  • 15,000 downloads/month
  • Download analytics
  • Build analytics
  • Windows & Mac web installers
  • Shared Slack-channel support
  • MSI installers
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For advanced features and dedicated support.

$1,200 /month

Everything in Essential Plus
  • 1,000 builds/month
  • 90 day build retention
  • 60,000 downloads/month
  • Support for staggered rollouts
  • Auto-update smoke testing
  • Account manager
  • Priority support & onboarding
  • Integration assistance
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