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Storing Data

A common pattern in SaaS apps is to give each customer a unique subdomain. By default second-level domains are considered internal to your application. (For more info see Defining Internal URLs below)

Say you have your customers login at https://login.yourapp.com which then redirects them to https://yourcustomer.yourapp.com. You can store the last used subdomain and redirect your users there when they open the app.

        // On login to subdomain https://yourcustomer.yourapp.com
if (windows.todesktop) {
  localStorage.setItem('subdomain', 'yourcustomer');

// When not already on subdomain then redirect to last used subdomain
if (window.todesktop) {
  const subdomain = localStorage.getItem('subdomain');

  if (subdomain) {
    window.location = `https://${subdomain}.yourapp.com`;


We recommend having a separate javascript app for all of your ToDesktop specific login and importing that conditionally when your app is running as a desktop app.