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  2. Make a transparent titlebar draggable (macOS only)


Make a transparent titlebar draggable (macOS only)

By default, a tranparent title bar is not draggable, you will need to add some CSS styles to your site to make the window draggable.

You can give an element the ability to drag the window by using-webkit-app-region: drag in css.

If you want certain elements marked as non-draggable then you can use-webkit-app-region: no-dragSo, you might end up doing something like this:

        html.todesktop .header {
  -webkit-app-region: drag;

html.todesktop .header .nav {
  -webkit-app-region: no-drag;


The html.todesktop class pre-selector will ensure that the css is only applied when running as a desktop app. You can learn more about this here