August 25, 2023

Compare Apps and Merge Settings Between Apps

If you have a dev app and a staging app

It can useful to create a second app for staging or beta testing your main app. The only problem is that it can be difficult to remember what settings have changed between your staging app and your main app. We now have a feature that allows you to quickly see what the differences are between apps and even merge those changes between apps.

You can find the feature in your app settings in the top-right of the ToDesktop Builder window:

This will allow you to quickly see the differences and choose which changes you want to merge.

What Else Has Changed?

  • Added support for FS Plugin (contact us if you want this)
  • Added ability to set rules dynamically (read more here)
  • Add ability to trigger js event from tray click or right
  • Fix: Delete submenu if it has a length of 0
  • Fix: Use showInactive for showing Panel Windows