Deploy your web app in the menubar or tray. No coding.

We build Windows and Mac apps that you can give to your customers.

Built for distribution to your customers

We handle the messy details around making a desktop app customer-ready.


Code Signing

We sign your desktop app with EV Microsoft Authenticode and Apple Gatekeeper certificates. Code signing is super-important because your app downloads and installs without warning dialogs.

Auto updates

Your app will regularly auto-update to ensure the underlying browser is always up to date. Plus, this is how we deliver performance improvements, security patches, and additional features to your app.

Native installers

You'll get a customised installer for Windows and Mac. We even provide a magic link you can send your users which will detect their operating system and download the most up to date version of your app.

Deep workflow integration

  • Always within reach. Being in the menubar or tray gives your customers one-click access to your app at all times.

  • At a glance. Provide a quick way to keep up to date with activity feeds, reports, or new content. Your app can even be set to always stay open, on top of other windows.

Native look and feel

  • Native notifications. We intercept any HTML5 notifications and send a native OS notification to your users instead.

  • Custom keyboard shortcut. Users can show or hide your app from anywhere on their computer.

Save time & money

  • Developer time is expensive. It would cost a lot of time and money to build (and maintain) this in-house. With ToDesktop, you can ship your app today. It only takes 2 minutes.

  • Increase revenue. Increase engagement, daily active users, and reduce churn.

Ready to start building?

Create your desktop app for free*

ToDesktop Builder will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your first desktop app in just a few minutes.

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*You can create a desktop app and run it on your computer for free. You will only be charged if you want to create a distributable app for your customers.

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