August 1, 2023

ToDesktop Builder 0.17 is our biggest release yet. You can now manage custom domains, distribution artifacts and code-signing certificates on ToDesktop Builder.


  • Use your own custom code signing certificates for your app.
  • Define separate tray actions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Added a setting to prevent window contents from being captured by other apps ("Application → Obscure Window Contents").
  • You can now see the Release Progress and Overview live in ToDesktop Builder.
  • You can now manage Custom Domains in ToDesktop Builder (no need to use the web app UI).
  • Allow different behaviour for tray clicks and right clicks on different operating systems.
  • We now wait a small amount of time for the internet connection if it is not available immediately on startup. If still not available then we show the offline screen.
  • Trays now work in Linux.
  • Launch on startup functionality now works on Linux.
  • Support Programmatic Usage of Windows.
  • Live chat with support from the help menu.


  • We now do a full build (not fast build) if there is a new version of ToDesktop Builder.
  • Default for resetting window dimensions when launching the app is now false.
  • visibleOnAllWorkspaces property should not be true when creating a "Simple window app".
  • Fix inconsistent app name when running a local build (compared with the released version of the app).
  • Display first app menu correctly on Mac.
  • Fix error when toggle-window option is a menubar window.
  • Prevent deletion of app under certain conditions.
  • Fix broken shadow on window when in background.
ToDesktop Builder UI