May 18, 2023


  • We've spent a lot of time optimizing our code and reducing code where it isn't needed. ToDesktop Builder itself is over 25% smaller than it was before and when you release your app with ToDesktop Builder then you can expect it be about 20% smaller too
  • We have optimized performance when you click the "Run" button. Now we only rebuild what we need to rebuild instead of doing a full rebuild each time. Depending on what you have changed in your app the "Run" button is now up to 8x faster!
  • You can now retrieve objects that were created by the ToDesktop Builder UI. Here's a tutorial where we retrieve the tray object for example.
  • We've added an intercom widget to ToDesktop Builder. Just click the "i" icon in the bottom right and choose "Message Support"


  • URLs now point at instead of
  • We've made quite a few UI refreshes and tweaks
  • Fixed some bugs with global hotkey and case sensitivity
  • We highlight out-of-date plugins on our UI
  • We now have a nice update flow when ToDesktop Builder is updated. We now show you an explicit prompt
  • You can now open a ToDesktop with a start URL. This gives us compatibility with Raycast extensions.
  • Fixed the About dialog for Windows and Linux
  • Fixed some minimize-to-tray bugs
  • Support eventIds on legacy listeners