May 9, 2023


  • Plugins are in beta with a whole new plugin UI
  • Apps now have sandbox enabled
  • When opening third-party protocols we now show a checkbox to prevent the dialog from showing in future
  • Profile page updated


  • Apps can now behave like a web browser and be opened with a "Start URL"
  • Document new "Files" page on Builder
  • Various typo fixes
  • Fixed download links
  • Tweak tab text colour
  • Fixed logout persistence
  • Made onboarding screen draggable
  • Fullscreen mode fixes
  • Offline screen is draggable
  • Updated testimonials on first screen
  • Ignore notifications that don't have a title or body
  • Deeplink fixes
  • Improve tooltip positioning and handling
  • Various Style/UI tweaks
  • Fix blank window issue when BrowserWindow is transparent
  • Whitelist BrowserWindow title in constructor
  • Preselect App ID when possible