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Convert your Universe website to a desktop app

Universe is an incredibly easy way to make a website, using just an iPhone. It's like building blocks for the web with no limit to what you can create.

You've built your site and shared it with your users. Increase their engagement and time spent in the app by offering it as a desktop app.

Distribute apps for every OS

Completely customizable

No code required

Your Icon on the Desktop

With ToDesktop your Users can install your website to their computer and launch it from the same place as other desktop apps on Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Save Time & Money “I was going to build and code a desktop app manually (using Electron). ToDesktop has just saved me a ton of time!

    Owen O'Doherty
    CEO of Carefolk
  • Less Cluttered “Dropping the URL bar makes our UI look much cleaner and less cluttered. It makes it easier for our customers to keep the app open all day and not get lost in a sea of tabs.”

    Joe Lennon
    CTO of Workvivo
  • Increase Active Users “Users who download our desktop app are more active than our existing users and we've reduced our churn rate as a result.”

    Michael Fitzgerald
    Co-Founder of Interplay
  • Native Look and Feel “Having that ‘installed’, native feel is important to our users. It gives them confidence that our app is solid.”

    Ryan O'Neill
    CEO of LegitFit
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Convert your Universe Website to a Desktop App in 2 Minutes.