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Why you should use ToDesktop

Web2Desk Alternative

ToDesktop is a product anyone can use to quickly and reliably convert their web app to a desktop app with one click.

ToDesktop launched in April 2019 and has been updated regularly with new features almost every week since then. Take a look at our roadmap to see for yourself.

Build once, run everywhere (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Works with any website/web app (Wordpress, React, etc.)

Completely customize how your app looks

Keep your app secure with auto-updates.

Ease of use

What it's like to sign up for Web2Desk vs ToDesktop

Enter your web app's URL and customise your settings.

Enter your card details and begin your free trial.

Wait for your app to build and get a link to give to your customers within minutes.

Enter your web app's URL and get an email asking you to book a call.

Have a call with a salesperson discussing your app needs.

Pay and wait for a developer to make your app and email it to you.

How does Web2Desk compare to ToDesktop?

ToDesktop is a fully self-service product with being constantly improved by a passionate team of product-focused developers.

Web2Desk is a service from a consultancy where web apps are manually converted into desktop apps when there is a human available.

Time it takes Two minutes (See how) Varies
Platforms supported 2
Free trial 7 days free None available
Support Talk directly to the founder Ticket-based support
Pricing $58/month $99+/month

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say:

  • Increase Active Users "Users who download our desktop app are more active than our existing users and we've reduced our churn rate as a result."

    Michael Fitzgerald
    Co-Founder of Interplay
  • Less Cluttered "Dropping the URL bar makes our UI look much cleaner and less cluttered. It makes it easier for our customers to keep the app open all day and not get lost in a sea of tabs."

    Joe Lennon
    CTO of Workvivo
  • Native Look and Feel "Having that ‘installed’, native feel is important to our users. It gives them confidence that our app is solid."

    Ryan O'Neill
    CEO of LegitFit
  • Save Time & Money "I was going to build and code a desktop app manually (using Electron). ToDesktop has just saved me a ton of time!"

    Owen O'Doherty
    CEO of Carefolk

What are the differences in features between Web2Desk and ToDesktop?

We are always updating ToDesktop, adding new features to improve your apps and your customers' experiences.

With our self-service app builder you can customize all of the following yourself:

Customize app name and icon

Customize window size

Support deeplinks

Support internal links

Preview app before building

Convinced? Get started now.

Ready to start building?

Create your desktop app for free*

ToDesktop Builder will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your first desktop app in just a few minutes.

Download ToDesktop Builder

*You can create a desktop app and run it on your computer for free. You will only be charged if you want to create a distributable app for your customers.

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