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Native App Installers

Users on different platforms have different expectations for how they install apps. Windows users expect an to have an installer and to be able to uninstall from Control Panel. Mac users expect a .dmg file to drag and drop the app to the Applications folder.

You could spend time implementing each of these different behaviours yourself. Or you could just use ToDesktop and get it all out of the box.

Don't waste time creating custom installers for each platform you distribute your desktop app on.

Use ToDesktop and never have to worry about it.

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Serve all your users

Apps for every platform

When you build your app with ToDesktop you get a build for every operating system. You'll get a customised installer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Your users will be able to download the right app for them. We even provide a magic link you can send your users to make things even easier. This link will detect their operating system and download the most up to date version of your app for them.

An illustration showing downloaders and installers for Mac, Windows & Linux.

.dmg and .zip

Installing on macOS

Mac users get a .dmg file to drag and drop your app into their applications folder.

We also provide a .zip file so your users can open it from their downloads folder and move it to wherever they like.

A screenshot showing an installer for a ToDesktop app on macOS.

.exe installer

Installing on Windows

Mac users get a .exe file to launch the Windows installer and choose where they would like to install your app.

A screenshot showing an installer for a ToDesktop app on Windows.

.AppImage and .snap

Installing on Linux

Some Linux users prefer to install .AppImage files, others prefer .snap files. We provide you with both to keep everyone happy.

A screenshot showing an installer for a ToDesktop app on Linux.

Get all of this and more with ToDesktop

Build once, run everywhere (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Works with any website/web app (Wordpress, React, etc.)
Completely customize how your app looks.
Keep your app secure with code signing and auto-updates.

Convert your Web App to a Desktop App in 2 Minutes.